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Tweetbot Gets New Update, Soars Towards iCloud

Tweetbot Gets New Update, Soars Towards iCloud

April 7, 2012
Perhaps the most bothersome thing about checking Twitter across different clients and devices is that, more often than not, your last read position doesn't get synced. If, say, you read through your Twitter timeline over breakfast on your iPad and then get back to it on your iPhone on your way to work, you likely need to look high and low for the last tweet you read so you can start reading from there. Sure, there's Tweet Marker, which promises a solution to this difficulty. But apart from the fact that it's supported by only a few Twitter clients, it doesn't always work as expected. Tweetbot, a Twitter client of the first order, is set to remedy this snag and then some with its latest update, which came out today. Tweetbot 2.2 finally introduces iCloud sync across the app's excellent iPhone and iPad versions. This means that timeline positions will now be synced across all of your iOS devices that run Tweetbot and have iCloud integration. No more fishing around for that often elusive last read tweet. But your timeline isn't the only part of your daily Twitter diet that's benefited by the new iCloud feature. With the new iCloud-enhanced Tweetbot, your mute filters as well as the read status of each of your direct messages will also be synced. This time, no more reentering of new mute filters and no more redundant marking of direct messages as read. The update also brings the ability to pinch to close the image view on the iPad version and thumbnail previews for iTunes and YouTube links on both the iPhone and iPad versions. Going back to the app's much-vaunted iCloud integration, though, I'd like to see full settings syncing for its next execution. This would effectively do away with, among others, the need to reenter login credentials for third-party services used in the app, like Instapaper and Pro. As it is, though, the initial implementation of iCloud in Tweetbot is a big step forward for an app that has long dared to challenge the status quo purposefully maintained by Twitter's official apps. Tweetbot - A Twitter Client with Personality is available for iPhone and iPad at $2.99 each in the App Store.

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