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Verizon, Sprint Launch New Siri-Focused Celebrity TV Ads

Verizon, Sprint Launch New Siri-Focused Celebrity TV Ads

April 17, 2012
Verizon and Sprint have reportedly launched a new TV ad each, in which a major celebrity shows-off the power of Siri - Apple's humble personal assistant that premiered with the iPhone 4S. In Verizon's TV advertisement, that celebrity is the man himself: Samuel L. Jackson. Fresh from the set of The Avengers, Jackson is depicted in the ad interacting with Siri, asking where he can find organic mushrooms for his risotto and enjoying a bit of banter towards the end of the advertisement, when he tells Siri she can have the night off. There's no official version of the ad yet, but one Apple fan managed to capture the ad as it aired on TV:

After hearing about Jackson's role in the latest Siri ad, MacStories was quick to point out that another Siri-focused TV advertisement had recently aired, this one featuring a Sprint logo towards the end and starring New Girl's Zooey Deschanel ("it's Jess!"). Deschanel isn't quite as productive as Jackson in this ad: she instead wanders around a messy apartment, asking Siri to remind her to clean it ("tomorrow") and opting instead to dance, at the end of the ad. This video too is only currently available in an unofficial version:

Though we initially thought each ad was produced by its corresponding carrier, one MacRumors forum comment accurately notes that the presence of branding later in the video, rather than earlier, suggests that Apple might have produced the videos instead, with each carrier opting-in after production had ceased. Hopefully, we'll be able to check out official versions of both TV ads soon. In the meantime, take a look at the versions above, and be sure to post your thoughts in the comments. Which do you prefer - Jackson's or Deschanel's? Vote now! [via The Next Web]

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