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Wawa Land Hopping Onto The iOS Platform Really Soon

April 14, 2012
Hear ye! Hear ye! The Royal Jelly has been kidnapped by critters! Is there anybody out there who can rescue him? You bet there is, and his name is Wawa. Wawa is an oh-so-cute fella who sets out to save his beloved king in Wawa Land, the upcoming game by Play Fripp. Wawa Land is a 2D platform game patterned after the platform games that helped define the golden age of video games a couple of decades ago. In other words, Wawa Land features moves and power-ups liberally borrowed from one of the most iconic platformers ever created, Super Mario Land. In Wawa Land, you have to guide Wawa as he traverses platforms high and low in his quest to save the Royal Jelly. Along the way, you'll meet critters large and small, whom you ought to stomp on and beat up. To help Wawa defeat the enemies, a number of power-ups are available at various points in the game. One of these is the Tornado's Helmet, which makes Wawa spin like crazy, and another is the Pirate's Scarf, which makes Wawa … a fashion-forward sea rover? The trailer for Wawa Land is embedded above for your consideration. I dare you to resist having a serious case of earworm after watching it. Available for iPhone and iPod touch, Wawa Land lands on the App Store on Tuesday, April 17.

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