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XVision Releases DataMan Pro v5.0 For iPad, Adding App Watch And Badge Notifications

XVision Releases DataMan Pro v5.0 For iPad, Adding App Watch And Badge Notifications

April 7, 2012
A little more than a week ago, XVision launched DataMan Pro v5.0 for iPhone. The big update included badge notifications, expanded app data usage monitoring, more geotagging control, plus performance and stability improvements. Well, those great new features are now available to iPad owners using cellular data service. DataMan has always offered multiple push alerts to keep you apprised of increasing data usage. These warnings are displayed when certain thresholds are passed, and can be adjusted. However, XVision has now implemented app icon badge notifications as an option to allow you to check current monthly usage without even opening the app. The icon badge represents the percentage of allowance used so far for the current month. To enable the badge, launch the iOS Settings app and tap on Notifications. At this point, scroll down the list until you see DataMan, then tap on it to open the notification options. The Notification Center preferences are at the top, whereas the badge and sound toggles are towards the bottom. The second big addition to DataMan is App Watch. At the hourly report level, tap on the generic app icon symbol in the top-right to see all of the applications that used online data so far that day. Otherwise, you can tap on an hourly entry to get a list of apps that used data during that specific time. Activate App Watch by going to the DataMan settings, located in the bottom-left, and then Precise Tracking. We aren't finished quite yet. The third new item for DataMan is expanded geotag accuracy choices. Within the DataMan settings, tap Geotag near the bottom. You'll notice there are three levels of accuracy to select from: 100 meters, one kilometer, or three kilometers. Depending on your use of the feature, you may want more accurate results or just a general idea of where you've been using the most data. Of course, the more accurate you allow DataMan to be, the higher the battery consumption and a more precise log of where you've been, i.e., privacy. DataMan Pro for iPad is designed for cellular-equipped (3G or 4G) first, second, and third generation units running iOS 5.1 or later, and available in the App Store for $3.99.

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