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AT&T To Trial "Digital Life" Home Security Service This Summer

AT&T To Trial "Digital Life" Home Security Service This Summer

May 7, 2012
AT&T plans to begin trials for a number of different services, all of which are part of its "Digital Life" suite, this summer. The suite promises to allow customers to control aspects of their home or business - such as thermostats, door locks, garage doors, windows and lighting, and even to view video from a security camera - using a Web-enabled device, such as an iPhone or iPad. As 9to5Mac reports:
A headline feature of the Digital Life services suite is the ability to detect water leaks. AT&T says that their service is unique in that a user can “take action” to turn off their home’s water supply in order to halt a leak.
AT&T manages and installs the suites, which will fully support both AT&T and non-AT&T customers - the software can run on any carrier, too, so folks with Verizon and Sprint iPhones aren't going to be left out of the party.

Trials for the suite are set to begin in Dallas and Atlanta this summer. It sounds like a great set of services - hopefully we'll see AT&T's "Digital Life" security suite expand to other cities soon.

Below, we've included a series of screenshots of the user interface running on an iPhone. You can check out a promotional video for the service on YouTube, too.


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