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CarTunes Music Player v5.0 Features A Highly Revised Music Browser And Much More

CarTunes Music Player v5.0 Features A Highly Revised Music Browser And Much More

May 8, 2012
An approach preferred in automotive applications, CarTunes Music Player utilizes touch gestures to offer a more forgiving control interface, therefore, requiring less attention. The design has been tweaked a few times already, although, v5.0 includes a name and icon change, plus significant modifications to the user interface, settings, and more to return the app to a more simplified concept. Previously, you would perform a two finger swipe upwards to select music and adjust applications preferences, such as appearance and gestures. In this latest version, those options have been moved into the iOS Settings app and the music selection breakdown has been shifted to tabbed listings. Within the new layout is a new album view, a gallery-style wall instead of just a list of names with a tiny icon. It's also important to note that along with the moving of preferences to the iOS Settings app, many advanced options have been removed. Primarily, users will notice the vanishing of font and gesture customization. The choice is intended to keep things simple and predictable. Moving on to the now playing interface, we are presented with a visual alteration and two new gestures. The appearance change deals with artist, album, and song presentation. Unlike earlier versions, 5.0 displays this information in one of the easiest to read font with the artist and album name being the same size and color. For the playback and navigation commands, the latest CarTunes still uses a one finger swipe up or down for volume, one finger swipe left or right for next or previous track, one finger tap for play or pause, two finger swipe left or right for shuffle toggling, a single finger swipe left or right and hold for fast-forward or rewind, and the aforementioned two finger swipe up for the music browser. However, in addition to those, CarTunes v5.0 allows a two finger swipe down to share via Twitter and pinch to play the current album. To elaborate, during playlists or other multiple album playback modes, perform a two finger pinch gesture until the album name appears above the album cover, then release to change playback to that album only. Before sending you off to download this handy app at the absolutely unbeatable price of $0.00, I'd like to share an observation. When switching to the artist selection list, most times the quick scroll bar doesn't appear. If this happens to you, simply select an artist and then do a left swipe to return to the root list. CarTunes Music Player is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or later, and available in the App Store as a free download for a limited time. [gallery link="file"]

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