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Drop Out Adds More Physics-Based Puzzle Adventures, Plus A Promo Code Giveaway

Drop Out Adds More Physics-Based Puzzle Adventures, Plus A Promo Code Giveaway

May 8, 2012
Digital Poke Labs' physics-based puzzler The Drop Out, which we rather liked upon its release a couple of months ago, has just gone through a sizable update. How sizable, you ask? Well, I'll tell you this: the update is so sizable that the name of the game had to be changed. Talk about game-changing, eh? Kidding aside, The Drop Out has indeed been subjected to a name change. Let it be known that from this day forth, The Drop Out shall be known as Drop Out Adventures. The additional word, I believe, serves to highlight the game's capacity for exciting virtual activity as you attempt to drop Furries out of different platforms by flinging Boos at them. As it happens, that capacity has also been augmented. You didn't think the update consists of the renaming alone, did you? Drop Out Adventures introduces a new episode called Lab Science. Aside from adding 30 new levels to the game, Lab Science adds the necessity of avoiding spikes and the ability of the friendly Furries to teleport. Also introduced in the game are skip level coins. A skip level coin can be used to get out of a particularly tricky level and immediately proceed to the next. Initially, 25 coins are given to you for free, but more are available via in-app purchase. Following user feedback, Digital Poke Labs has also redrawn the game's tutorial screens to include text instructions to go along with the graphical suggestions. Further improvements can be found in the game's graphics and level design. You can download Drop Out Adventures now in the App Store for only $0.99. Or you can get it for free by joining our … GIVEAWAY! To have your chance at winning one of five promo codes for Drop Out Adventures, simply log in through Disqus below with a valid email address and comment with the title of a book, movie, or TV show (preferably a favorite of yours) that has the word "adventures" in it. I'd go with "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Now it's your turn to drop your adventurous answers in the comments below. Promo ends on May 10 at 10 a.m. PST, after which the winners will be drawn at random. Good luck!

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