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Google Launches Schemer iPhone Application In The App Store

Google Launches Schemer iPhone Application In The App Store

May 17, 2012
Google has just launched a brand-new iOS app: Schemer - a service that makes activity recommendations based on users' locations, according to The Verge. As explained in the application's release notes, Google's new app "is all about schemes" - "a scheme is anything you might want to do," such as:
  • Take a mixology course at Bourbon and Branch speakeasy
  • Relive Ferris Bueller's Day Off in Chicago
  • Use leftover tortillas to make chilaquiles
  • Surf the sand dunes at White Sands
Google elaborates:
Whatever schemes strike your fancy, collect them on Schemer and then take them with you using the Schemer mobile app. Now you’ll always have a scheme up your sleeve, whether you’re out and about or staying home. Schemer will even suggest the perfect scheme for the moment, for example watching a movie on a rainy day or brunch for a weekend morning.
The clever service is aware of the time of day, the weather and - as mentioned - users' location, in order to make appropriate recommendations. It also hooks-up with Google+ in order to inform users of their circles' Schemer activities. If you're based outside of the United States, be aware that Schemer is not "officially supported" internationally. Though I've just installed it on my UK-based iPhone handset, and it works well enough. You can download Google Schemer for free in the App Store. Take a look at the new app now, and find yourself some schemes!   Source: App Store Via: The Verge

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