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Halftone Gets Dropbox Support, Camera+ Integration And More

Halftone Gets Dropbox Support, Camera+ Integration And More

May 1, 2012
Following its optimization for the new iPad's Retina display, popular image editing app Halftone has undergone another significant update. This time, the update consists of Dropbox support, Camera+ integration, and more. The much requested, and long overdue, Dropbox support is finally in Halftone, enabling you to save your Halftone creations to your Dropbox account. This way, you can easily access them from your other Dropbox-enabled apps and devices. Two-way support for Camera+ has also been added. Through some wicked API magic, Halftone now lets you capture and share photos using Camera+. Further improvements brought by the update include enhanced image editing features powered by Aviary. Custom image stamps, which allow you to import transparent PNGs to add as graphical elements to a photo, are included as well. In addition, the default paper style has been changed from "plain white" to "wrinkled" while the default "process original" setting has been changed to "off." Halftone is notable for applying vintage comic effects to otherwise ordinary photos, with plenty of customization options. Released in February last year, it has become one of the most widely used photography apps for iPhone and iPad. It was even named by Apple as one of the best photography apps of 2011. Halftone is available in the App Store for $0.99. Try using it for your Avengers-inspired poses, and make sure to add a "BLAM!" stamp for good measure.

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