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Jailbreak Only: SignalRefresh - Boost Weak Signal On Your iPhone

Jailbreak Only: SignalRefresh - Boost Weak Signal On Your iPhone

May 28, 2012
If your iPhone is often afflicted with weak signal from time to time, consider downloading SignalRefresh - a jailbreak tweak that promises to boost cellular signal, according to Redmond Pie. Once download and installed, users can quickly and easily "refresh" their signal using the tweak, with the hope that when users' cellular signal comes back online, it's all the stronger. Redmond Pie explains:
For the sake of clarity it is worth noting that SignalRefresh in no way contains any kind of hidden magic or offer any guaranteed solutions for users who may be suffering from severely poor and permanent signal. The package essentially acts as quick way of accessing deeply buried system settings and serves only to refresh the network and Wi-Fi settings in the hope that when it comes back online it picks up a stronger signal.
However, the tweak nevertheless works, the website notes - and is quicker (and easier) than enabling and disabling Airplane Mode, something I often find myself doing when afflicted with poor signal strength. Currently, SignalRefresh is available in the Cydia Store for $0.99 (via the BigBoss repository). Enjoy, and for information on jailbreaking your iOS device under iOS 5.1.1, be sure to check for the latest version of Absinthe. Source: Redmond Pie

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