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Originally Available For iOS, Kids Vs Goblins Casts Its Spells In The Mac App Store

Originally Available For iOS, Kids Vs Goblins Casts Its Spells In The Mac App Store

May 3, 2012
Pesky goblins. When they're not trying to eat hobbits or thwarting the heroic undertakings of an arachnid superhero, they like to kidnap babies to offer to their beloved Goblin King. That's exactly what they do in Kids vs Goblins, an exciting action adventure game released today in the Mac App Store. Originally launched in early March for iPhone and iPad, Kids vs Goblins follows three siblings on their quest to rescue their baby brother from the stinking hands of the Goblin King and his minions. To help them on their journey, they are conveniently endowed with mystical powers. Magically, one of the big brothers turns into a hammer-wielding bear child, the other big brother transforms into a skilled archer, and their sister becomes a supernatural healer. Guide these young heroes as they battle different enemies along their way. You can control them individually or collectively. Either way, it's important that you assign the proper spells for them to use in certain circumstances. You can cast over 60 kinds of spells, most of which can be unlocked with the magical stones that you can collect in each of the 30 plus missions. Your completion of the missions, in turn, unlock other game modes outside of the main story, including endless mode and roulette mode. Endless mode dares you to fend off wave after wave of enemies, while roulette mode lets you play with randomly determined spells. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Watch the launch trailer above for a taste of the excitement of playing Kids vs Goblins. Featuring the same treasury of 3D graphics and rousing sounds present in the original iOS version, Kids vs Goblins is available in the Mac App Store for $4.99. Get it now and don't let those ugly creatures eat the kids' baby brother for supper.

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