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Pizza Vs. Skeletons Gets More Toppings, Including New Levels And Retina iPad Support

May 4, 2012
The App Store is teeming with games of the "this vs. that" sort. The most popular is, of course, Plants Vs. Zombies. There's also the more recent Kids Vs. Goblins. But none is probably more ridiculous than Pizza Vs. Skeletons, which recently got updated with more ridiculousness. And by "more ridiculousness" I mean more levels of ridiculous fun. The new update to Pizza Vs. Skeletons adds an 11th chapter with 10 new levels. Since its release in mid-February this year, the game has always been about completing levels with silly missions, such as crushing skiing skeletons and celebrating Dia de los Muertos. With the new set of levels, you can expect to encounter even more hilarious objectives to accomplish. Other new items introduced by the update are a new achievement, a new secret ingredient in the form of a Cinco de Mayo-inspired sombrero, and a new level style where the pizza protagonist of the game takes to the skies. Last but certainly not least, the update is topped with graphic enhancements for the new iPad's Retina display. Pizza Vs. Skeletons normally goes on the menu for $2.99, but, in celebration of this big update, developer Riverman Media has put the game on sale for only $0.99. The price slash is effective until Monday only, so better grab it while it's hot.

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