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Pocket Planes Flying Above Tiny Tower Soon To Achieve Greater Dream Heights

Pocket Planes Flying Above Tiny Tower Soon To Achieve Greater Dream Heights

May 23, 2012
NimbleBit is about to take off with Pocket Planes, its follow-up to Tiny Tower. And before long, it's definitely going to land another sweet spot in the App Store charts. Through its official YouTube channel, the maker of the highly successful tower-building business simulation game has posted a trailer for its upcoming hit. As shown in the trailer, which is embedded for your in-flight viewing pleasure below, Pocket Planes is the newest game to feature NimbleBit's adorable "bitizens." This time, though, rather than building towers, the bitizens are going to be building airlines. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Just like its forerunner, Pocket Planes calls for strategic management skills. In the game, you're tasked to oversee the comings and goings of your aircrafts, each of which has unique attributes and may be customized to your liking. Careful consideration of flight paths, whether interstate or international, is of utmost importance as you decide on the most efficient plan to transport 8-bit passengers and cargoes alike. Pocket Planes is flying toward the App Store in the near future, although a definite release date hasn't been dropped by NimbleBit. The question up in the air now is: in the vein of its shameless Tiny Tower knockoff Dream Heights, is Zynga's Pocket Planes clone already waiting in the wings? Planeville, anyone?

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