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Powered By Readability, Readlists Lets You Create 'Mixtapes For Reading'

Powered By Readability, Readlists Lets You Create 'Mixtapes For Reading'

May 22, 2012
Even after the constant updates to Instapaper and the reemergence of Read It Later as Pocket, I remain a big supporter of Readability. Even after its recent URL redirection faux pas, I should add. It's difficult to pinpoint, but there's a nuance in using Readability that just makes my experience with the iOS app and the overall service really pleasant. So, I'm quite delighted to learn that my favorite article bookmarking platform is powering a related venture known as Readlists. Readlists is a new project by Arc90, the same team behind Readability. It lets you create e-books from a specified selection of articles online. Essentially, Readlists is a Web app wherein you can enter the individual URLs for the articles you want to aggregate into a single e-book. You can do so by logging into your Readability account or by setting up a list anonymously. Either way, the resulting Readlist, i.e., "a mixtape for reading," is generated using Readability's new parsing engine codenamed Iris and is available through various means of output. Readlists lets you send your e-books to your iPhone, iPad, or Kindle via email or via a direct download link. It also supports Facebook and Twitter sharing as well as embedding of reading lists on Web sites, as shown below. The main concept of Readlists is similar to Instapaper's long-existing Kindle- and iPhone/iPad-compatible reading list conversion functionality. But Readlists is markedly different in that it allows for collecting articles unified by a certain subject, as opposed to the all-inclusive reading list of Instapaper. The front page of Readlists is currently populated with featured lists from the likes of Anil Dash and Jeffrey Zeldman. Have a go at their Readlists or, better yet, create your own. It's easy, and the result is sure to be, well, readable. I'm already planning on making a Readlist on Internet cats. How about you? Source: Readlists Via: The Verge

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