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Sky Gnomes: Battles Coming To The App Store Thursday

Sky Gnomes: Battles Coming To The App Store Thursday

May 21, 2012
Look out, more Sky Gnomes are coming. A little more than a month after the release of the first Sky Gnomes game, the follow up Sky Gnomes: Battles will hit the App Store on Thursday. The new version of the game will be a spin-off of the original and feature new gameplay, new items, and other new features. While the game will be free, players can buy new characters with in-app purchases. Sky Gnomes: Battles is all about the new Battle Cup. According to developer Foursaken Media, the new game is like a turn-based Mario Kart Battle Mode meets Words with Friends hybrid. Players challenge friends for casual battle races or get matched up with random players to battle their way up the later using new trinkets and items like machine guns, rockets, electrodes, harpoons, shields, and more. The ladder system in the game has been modeled from competitive titles like StarCraft 2. When you are randomly matched against a player, Battle Scores are compared so the match will be as competitive as possible. And as a special treat for customers who have already purchased the original Sky Gnomes, the battle mode has also been included as a free update that is already live. The original title was released in early April and is a racing game that sees a player pilot a gnome with a snow-gobbling flying machine while matching up against other gnomes. In our review, Juli Clover said it was by far the best racing title she has ever played and that the daily tournaments and dynamic gameplay add a lot of replay ability for a small price. Sky Gnomes is a universal app and can be purchased in the App Store for $0.99.

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