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Social Commerce Site Svpply Supplies iPad Support To Its Recently Released App

Social Commerce Site Svpply Supplies iPad Support To Its Recently Released App

May 9, 2012
It seems that shopping sites putting out well-designed iPad apps is quite a thing nowadays. Nearly a week ago, the revamp of the official iPad app of eBay was unveiled to mostly rapturous reviews. Now, it's Svpply's turn to impress with its own gorgeous app for Apple's bestselling tablet. The popular social commerce site released its official iPhone app last month, and soon enough said app has been updated to have universal support. Similar to Svpply for iPhone, Svpply for iPad is aesthetically influenced to a great extent by the original desktop site. Structure-wise, the app appears to have been inspired by Twitter for iPad, upon which the recently released Spotify for iPad was also partly based. Svpply for iPad has a two-pane left navigation bar that mainly houses the numerous product categories, with the rest of the screen real estate devoted to the actual browsing panels. As in Twitter for iPad, additional panels swipe into view as you click on link after link. "If you get lost in the experience, (which we hope you do)," says the Svpply team in a blog post, "a tap of the History button reveals a unique browsing history, fanned out like the pages of a catalog, making it easy to jump back." The items that show up on Svpply are curated by a community of trendsetters intent on highlighting the best products from tens of thousands of stores online. The new iPad version of Svpply, which is available now in the App Store for free, can only lead to further growth of that community as you yourself (or is it "yov yovrself"?) venture to set trends and supply ideas right from your iPad.

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