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Subway Surfers Trains You In The Art Of Dodging Trains

Subway Surfers Trains You In The Art Of Dodging Trains

May 25, 2012
On the heels of the release of Aby Escape last month, here comes another endless running game that's out to give Temple Run a run for its ancient money. But rather than dashing across ruins or parklands, this one's taking the railroads. Jointly developed by Kiloo and Sybo of Frisbee Forever and Cosmic Cab fame, respectively, Subway Surfers has seemingly taken the tried-and-tested formula of Temple Run and spray-painted it with polychromatic teenage rebellion. In the game, whose trailer is shown below, you play as Jake, a graffiti-loving lad who gets caught vandalizing a railroad vehicle. With the grumpy Inspector and his ferocious pitbull on your tail, you must evade capture by running across the railroad tracks. No tilting is required, but you must be able to swipe left, right, up, or down at all the right moments to continue your escape alongside trains and even on top of them. Perky power-ups, such as coin magnets, futuristic hoverboards, and paint-powered jetpacks (my absolute favorite), are intermittently placed along the way to prolong your run. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Outside their similarity in gameplay, the sharpest distinction between Subway Surfers and the far more popular Temple Run lies in their respective graphic and musical styles. In this respect, Subway Surfers is the more vibrant and bouncy of the two, making it something of a breath of fresh air after spending long stretches of time in the grim environments of Temple Run. Playable on both iPhone and iPad, Subway Surfers is available now in the App Store for free. As expected, it's a freemium game, having an in-app shop for additional coins, power-ups, and characters, including Tricky and Fresh. Warning: Subway Surfers is totally addictive. I've spent hours playing it since its release yesterday, and I haven't shown any signs of ever stopping. It seems that my newfound obsession with this game is best described by the title of that Denzel Washington movie about a runaway train: unstoppable.

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