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Wood Camera Takes The Fight To Camera+

Wood Camera Takes The Fight To Camera+

May 3, 2012
You may have seen a recent post of mine declaring my love for photo app VSCO CAM. My favorite aspect of the app, its simplicity, seemed to be an aspect that put some readers off. For those people, I may have an app that you'd prefer. Allow me to introduce Wood Camera, from Bright Mango. Wood Camera is, unlike VSCO CAM, a fully featured camera app for your iPhone and iPod touch. Wood Camera was born from developer Zach Garrett's desire for a camera editing app that could achieve the same results it previously took dozens of separate apps to achieve. Wood Camera, as the App Store description states, really does give you: "... unparalleled control over the shooting and editing process." The list of options included with the app is as long as your arm. Some key features are:
  • LIGHTBOX - Easily import and view your photos all in one place. Tap once to enter full-size preview mode, or double-tap to go straight to the editing screen.
  • FLEXIBLE EDITING - Layer 22 lenses, 17 textures, and 12 frames for thousands of possible combinations.
  • LIVE LENSES - Use the in-app camera to shoot with each of our 22 lenses in real-time.
  • EASY SHARING - Quickly share your photos to the Camera Roll, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram.
Wood Camera is a great looking app, and has a lot of similarities to the fantastic Camera+ in both design and function. With so many photography apps available, it is extremely difficult to call any of them a "must have," but Wood Camera comes very close to being just that. At just $1.99 it is certainly worth giving this a try. Do you think this is one photography app too many? Or do you, like me, feel there is always room for just one more?

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