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Alien Blue For iPhone Catches Up With iPad Version

Alien Blue For iPhone Catches Up With iPad Version

June 20, 2012
Alien Blue for iPhone has just received another update loaded with new features, bringing it on par with its iPad counterpart. When a significant update was pushed to the iPad app a month ago, Alien Blue developer Jason Morrissey promised a similar update to the iPhone app. And just hours ago, he finally delivered on his promise. Easily the best Reddit client for iPhone, Alien Blue is now iCloud-ready. Integration with iCloud is mainly used for syncing your visited links across your iOS devices. But it also works for the app's new subreddit grouping and organization feature. First introduced in Alien Blue for iPad, Subreddit Grouping lets you sort your favorite subreddits into different folders, such as "LOL" and "NSFW." Of course, your folder names don't have to be Internet abbreviations. Discover Subreddits is another new notable feature of Alien Blue for iPhone that first made its way to the iPad. It's essentially a section of the app where you can view a catalog of active subreddits that may be of interest to you. Note that both Discover Subreddits and Subreddit Grouping are accessible only if you've purchased the app's $1.99 pro upgrade. The latest update to Alien Blue for iPhone also brings random subreddits, a remastered Canvas UI, and a native GIF player. You may go to Alien Blue's very own subreddit for the update's complete release notes. The update is actually so loaded that its changelog is TL;DR. Alien Blue for iPhone is available in the App Store for free. Alien Blue for iPad, which doesn't require an in-app upgrade for full access, comes with a $3.99 price tag. Sure, Reddit has an official iOS client called iReddit. But what you should really be using is Alien Blue.

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