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Amazon Cloud Player Brings Your Music From The Cloud Straight To Your iDevice

Amazon Cloud Player Brings Your Music From The Cloud Straight To Your iDevice

June 12, 2012
Over a year after launching Cloud Player, Amazon has finally released an official iOS app for the much vaunted digital music locker service. Competing against Apple's iTunes Match, Amazon Cloud Player for iOS serves as a native client for the popular online store's music-in-the-cloud utility. It's essentially a music player, similar to Apple's own Music app, except that it features the musical content stored in your Amazon Cloud Drive. However, it also allows you to play the tracks from your device's library. Amazon Cloud Player supports all tracks in your Amazon Cloud Drive, regardless of whether they're purchased from Amazon or uploaded from iTunes and other sources. You can stream music from the cloud or you can download tracks onto your device for offline listening. Since either option entails heavy data consumption, the app lets you restrict cloud streaming and downloading to Wi-Fi connections. Further, since buying music directly from the app is currently not supported, the app lets you enable automatic downloading of future MP3 purchases from Amazon. Playing songs from Cloud Player has long been possible on iOS through Safari, but it's only now that a native playback solution is made available. Currently designed for iPhone only, Amazon Cloud Player for iOS can be downloaded now in the App Store for free. Has iTunes Match finally met its match?

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