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Carat Identifies iOS App-Bugs And -Hogs, Ultimately Aims To Improve Your Battery Life

Carat Identifies iOS App-Bugs And -Hogs, Ultimately Aims To Improve Your Battery Life

June 15, 2012
Carat (free) is a clever, new app that promises to provide users with the information required to potentially vastly improve the battery life of their iPhone handset. Once downloaded and installed, the application monitors the iPhone handset it's installed on, and after a couple of days provides users with a report on the status of their smart phone. As TechCrunch explains:
Carat’s recommendations break down into killing off bugs and hogs. These usually aren’t “bad” apps. Energy bugs are apps that are sapping a lot more power from you than everyone else because they’re probably malfunctioning, so Carat tells you to restart or re-download them. For example, a notes app that uses little power for 95% of users, but it’s accidentally activating your GPS over and over. Hogs are apps that just naturally use a ton of power or needlessly run in the background, like streaming music apps. Carat reminds you to shut them down, which is especially useful when you get that 20% battery remaining notification half-way through the day and you’d do anything to still be able to get calls and texts.
I've just installed Carat on my iPhone 4S, but a message told me that the application would need to run for a couple of days before any kind of serious report can be delivered - as of yet, I don't know if any bugs or hogs are lurking on my smart phone. Currently, Carat is available to download in the App Store for free, and it's a universal app that's compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you haven't already, take a bite of the Carat have a look at the application, and if after a couple of days you receive some useful advice, be sure to post the details in the comments. Source: iTunes App Store (Carat) Via: TechCrunch

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