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Draw Something Redraws Its Gameplay And Shop Design

Draw Something Redraws Its Gameplay And Shop Design

June 13, 2012
Following its Retina iPad update just three weeks ago, the Zynga-owned Draw Something by OMGPOP has once again been updated with big changes to its appearance. The latest version of Draw Something introduces a major redesign to both its gameplay and its shop structure. Draw Something's home screen now divides your games into two groups in accordance to whose turn it is: yours or your playmate's. Also, a relative timestamp is now displayed for each game. Specifically, game expiration is indicated for an inactive game, notifying you of a weeks-old game's imminent demise. Onto the game proper, special words from over 30 categories, e.g. insults, video games, and fashion, are now available for you to draw. You'd have to spend two bombs to be able to pick a special word, but the upside to this is that each special word comes with a reward of five coins. As for the shop, it has been revamped to display all the bomb packs and color bundles you can purchase with your coin stash. Now playable in 13 languages besides English, Draw Something by OMGPOP is available in the App Store for $2.99. An ad-supported version of the game is also available for free. Are you still eagerly playing Draw Something? Or have most of your games expired, as have at least five of mine?

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