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FiLMiC Pro v2.9 Gets Even More Professional

June 29, 2012
FiLMiC Pro, a powerful video recording app that launched last August, has just received a significant update. Version 2.9 of FiLMiC Pro brings some great new features, including:
Greatly enhanced motion effects through new separate selectable capture and output frame rates. Output frame rates from 1-60 fps. Pause enabled recording in Event mode. iTunes File Sharing. Saved setting options. FiLMiC Extreme bitrate now 50mbs. New 540p widescreen resolution as well as two additional iFrame modes for easy compatibility with iMovie. Entirely new code stream and clip retention mechanism. Bug fixes for all lost file issues. No longer supporting pre-pended color bars, slate or S35 matte.
[caption id="attachment_315601" align="aligncenter" width="960" caption="FiLMiC Pro's settings"][/caption] Perhaps my favorite new feature is the 540p widescreen mode shooting. Recording 1080p video on your iPhone can take up a lot of space rather quickly and while FiLMiC Pro has always allowed you to shoot in 720p, sometimes you just don't need your videos to be HD. The old 960x540 resolution was fantastic for saving space on your iPhone, but the videos were saved in the 4:3 aspect ratio, which I'm just not a fan of. Saving your settings is also a nice addition to the app, allowing you to quickly select a group of settings that you may have saved after using on a previous shoot. If you're familiar with the app, then you know it already allows you to tweak a myriad of settings before you begin to shoot video, such as resolution, capture frame rates, audio encoding, and more. Of course, you can adjust and lock the focus and exposure while shooting as well. FiLMiC Pro is available in the App Store for $3.99. What apps do you use for recording video if not the stock Camera app?

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