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Fishy Freedom Doesn't Come Easy In Chasing Yello

Fishy Freedom Doesn't Come Easy In Chasing Yello

June 23, 2012
Poor Yello. His seven-year old owner Mathilda kept him out of his goldfish bowl in Saving Yello. But now that Yello has escaped to a nearby creek, she's out to get him back in the upcoming Chasing Yello. If you've seen "Finding Nemo," you'll probably remember Darla. She's the dentist's niece who's so scary-looking that her entrance in the movie is accompanied by the theme for "Psycho." Darla and Mathilda could make really good friends, on account of their shared naughtiness toward their pet fish. In Chasing Yello, Mathilda is armed with a net with which she hopes to catch her "beloved" goldfish. But she's not the only obstacle Yello has to overcome in his waterlogged quest for freedom. There are also the, er, logs on the water. And then there's the greater threat posed by the occasional school of piranhas. Yikes! If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. It's necessary, then, for you to guide Yello in his escape. To do so, just tilt to make him move sideways and swipe to make him hop or dive. Stars are scattered along the way for you to collect and use afterward in purchasing power-ups. The game is not so much an endless runner as an endless swimmer. Think of it as a top-down Temple Run with a creek as the setting and a mischievous little girl standing in for the demon monkeys. Chasing Yello is scheduled to jump into the massive stream that is the App Store on June 28. It will be available for both iPhone and iPad for only $0.99. Be sure to download it if you want to help Yello swim away from Mathilda's smothering love.

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