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Frame Booth Receives Update, Plus Win A Copy

Photo booths in the malls, amusement parks, or boardwalks provide an opportunity for you and your friends to capture the best four pictures you can in the span of a minute or two. Failure to plan out your shots means having to think on the fly what crazy pose to do next. However, Frame Booth eliminates the timed element of taking pictures this way, as well as providing some Instagram-esque aesthetics. You’ll see your camera split into four panes. Tapping each pane will take a picture for it. So, maybe your first shot you want with your friend’s face, the second shot with your face by using the front camera, the third shot your other friend across the room, and the fourth shot with everyone together. That’s just one example. You can get as creative with this app as you’d like. Your four pictures don’t even have to be arranged in a square. Arrange them vertically, horizontally, or even with one on top and the other three on bottom. Frame Booth was recently updated to version 1.2. The update includes some bug fixes, a new camera interface, and the ability to import photos from your library. It is on sale now for $0.99. Or you could try to win a copy. Right now. From us. Read on. GIVEAWAY: We have 15 codes for Frame Booth to giveaway to readers! Simply leave a comment on this post about by Thursday June 7, at 4 p.m. EDT. We'll pick the winners randomly. Good luck!
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