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G5 Entertainment Announces Jumpster, Provides A Teaser Trailer

G5 Entertainment Announces Jumpster, Provides A Teaser Trailer

June 6, 2012
Showcased at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Jumpster is an upcoming physics puzzler by G5 Entertainment, publisher of numerous time management and hidden object games. Being developed by Vogat Interactive, Jumpster will be G5's first "AAA" physics-based title to hit the App Store.
Jumpster has exactly what puzzle gamers are looking for: easy to master game mechanics, challenging but beatable gameplay, beautiful graphics and a soundtrack to which you'll find yourself humming along.
A journey of exploration becomes one of survival when an adorable alien, Jumpster, must make an emergency landing after his ship is struck by a meteor and begins losing fuel. Strategically moving about the planet using slingshot-controlled leaps, help the now stranded alien avoid dangerous monsters and other hazards while recovering the scattered UFO fuel. The game will be filled with "tons of content" and players will be treated with regular updates to provide continuously challenging fun. In addition, Jumpster, the game, will offer in-app purchases to customize the cute little character and gameplay. Scheduled for release sometime in July, Jumpster will be a free download for both iPad and iPhone owners. For now, watch the teaser trailer provided below.

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