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Google Updates Gmail App With Notification Center Support

Google Updates Gmail App With Notification Center Support

June 25, 2012
Google has updated its Gmail iOS app with a set of new features. Highlighting the new version is Notification Center support. Users can choose banners, alerts, and lock screen notification options. And according to Google’s official Gmail blog, notifications are up to five times faster than with previous versions of the iOS app. If alternate sender support has been configured within Gmail, the function can now be used within the app. Finally, sessions within the app no longer expire and users only need to log-in once. Users can sign out of the account, but won’t be logged out after a certain period of time like with previous versions of the app. Google also promised that it is planning to bring more features in future releases of the app, including support for multiple email accounts. The Gmail app is universal and designed for both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. It can be downloaded free in the App Store. While I think the app looks nice and the updated features are interesting, does anyone with a Gmail account and iOS device actually use the app? I’ve set up my Gmail directly through Mail, and have never looked back.

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