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Hungry Birds Abound In 'Corny' Tower Defense Game Chicken Doom

Hungry Birds Abound In 'Corny' Tower Defense Game Chicken Doom

June 29, 2012
The battle for corny supremacy has begun! Nope, I'm not referring to a contest between so-called comedians who know nothing but lame jokes. Rather, I'm talking about a war waged by two species over, of all things, corn. On one side of the corny conflict are the humanoid inhabitants of Biggy World. On the other are some really hungry chickens. Clashing against each other, they give rise to the action of Bulkypix's newest game, Chicken Doom. As either the gorilla-like dude Biggy or his significant other Biguette, you have to defend your turret against the armies of feathered fiends out to get your corn stash. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Luckily, you can arm yourself with an assortment of upgradeable weapons and protective power-ups. Use them well, so as to defeat the different types of enemies throughout the game's six shoot-'em-up levels. If you want to open fire at your fowl foes in style (you know you do), just make sure to exhibit exemplary defensive efforts. That's because your achievements have equivalent rewards, which you can use toward customizing your Biggy or Biguette. Optimized for both iPhone and iPad, Chicken Doom is available now in the App Store for $2.99. By the way, you can make Chicken Doom about both Biggy and Biguette at the same time with its co-op single-screen mode. Sweet, right? Not unlike corn.

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