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IM+ Updated With More IM Platforms Plus Retina iPad Support

IM+ Updated With More IM Platforms Plus Retina iPad Support

June 7, 2012
IM+ continues to live up to its name as it has once again been updated to add more to its instant messaging capabilities. Most of the app's previous updates introduced support for new social networks, and this latest update is no different. The last couple of updates, in particular, added a few lesser-known sites to the app's roster of instant messaging platforms. Among them are the Russian social network, the "Chinese Facebook" Renren, and the "Chinese Twitter" Sina Weibo. This time, IM+ welcomes the Russian dating site and the Chinese chat client Fetion. IM+ sure is taking its promise of being an all-in-one communication tool quite seriously, isn't it? The app, however, has discontinued its support for MySpace IM. But if you have a MySpace IM account already configured, you're still free to chat with it. Alongside its platform expansion, IM+ also gains through the update its long-overdue Retina iPad graphics optimization. While text have been as sharp as they can be on the new iPad, it's only now that the app's other UI elements are rendered in high resolution. The app's optional wallpapers, however, seem to have been left out as they still appear pixelated on the new iPad. The ad-supported IM+ is available in the App Store for free, while the ad-free IM+ Pro is on tap for $9.99. Both versions of the app work across all iOS devices, just as they work across almost all popular instant messaging networks.

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