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iRig MIC Cast Makes Podcast Recording On-The-Go Possible: Available Now

iRig MIC Cast Makes Podcast Recording On-The-Go Possible: Available Now

June 15, 2012
If you're a serious podcaster, consider purchasing the iRig MIC Cast ($39.99) - a new product that allows users to record podcasts on-the-go from an iDevice, as TUAW reports. We first heard about the product at CES '12 before the accessory was released, but now the iRig MIC Cast is available to purchase. As you can see in the above product image, the accessory clips into an iDevice's audio jack, and features a compact microphone that can be used to record interviews, lectures and voice memos, as well as podcasts. Despite its size, the product promises to minimize background noise, and to produce clear, quality recordings. TUAW notes that the size of the product is impressive, with the iRig MIC Cast being only slightly bigger than a U.S. quarter. After taking the product for a spin, the website offers a series of pros and declares the accessory to be an excellent on-the-go, iDevice-compaible microphone:
  • Tiny and lightweight, easily pocketable
  • Gain is adjustable for nearby and far away sources
  • Earphone jack for monitoring your recording sessions
  • Comes with free voice recording apps and a tabletop stand
  • Affordably priced
  • Very good sound quality
The only downside, TUAW points out, is that the impressive size of the microphone makes it easy to lose - so if you do purchase one, be sure to take extra special care of it! Besides offering the microphone, the product's manufacturer - IK Multimedia - also offers two applications to iDevice owners who purchase the accessory: iRig Recorder FREE and VocaLive FREE. However, the microphone would also be compatible with other iOS apps too, if you already own any that are suitable. For more information on the iRig MIC Case, and for the option of purchasing the accessory, head over to the product's official website. As mentioned, the microphone is available for the price of $39.99. Source: IK Multimedia Via: TUAW

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