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Jailbreak Only: BeeKeyboard - Customizable Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts

Jailbreak Only: BeeKeyboard - Customizable Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts

June 14, 2012
An upcoming jailbreak tweak called BeeKeyboard will allow jailbreakers to customize Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts on their iDevice, according to iDownloadBlog. Once downloaded and installed, jailbreakers will be able to use the tweak to create specific shortcuts for specific aspects of their iDevice - such as for particular apps, or for the Home screen. This is made possible through downloading "add-ons," which will be available for individual applications. For example, the BeeSafari add-on will allow users to customize specific shortcuts for Safari - such as ⌘+T for "New Tab." And as mentioned, you can use the tweak with the Home screen - iDownloadBlog explains:
Of course, there’s also an add-on that applies directly to your Home screen, which allows you to move the cursor keys to highlight particular apps, launch apps, switch pages, etc. Global shortcuts are also a big portion of the package, and include such abilities as being able to invoke Notification Center, the App Switcher etc.
In addition, users will be able to invoke Activator actions using preconfigured keyboard shortcuts, which will prove to be particularly useful. Below, we've included a video preview of BeeKeyboard, provided by iDownloadBlog. Once available, users will be able to download and install the jailbreak tweak for $2.99 (via the BigBoss repository). Though BeeKeyboard is still in development, the tweak should hopefully be available in the near future.

Source: iDownloadBlog

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