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Kickstarter: Elphi - Control AC Plugs From Your iPhone Handset

Kickstarter: Elphi - Control AC Plugs From Your iPhone Handset

June 17, 2012
An interesting Kickstarter project called "Elphi" allows users to control AC plugs from an iPhone handset, but there's one problem: with just 11 days to go, the project has only achieved one third of its funding goal of $90,000, meaning this clever product might never see production. The idea behind Elphi is simple: essentially, you can use the product and a smart phone (an iPhone or Android-powered handset) to switch electrical items on or off, remotely. As TUAW explains:
Elphi is a very nicely designed AC plug that plugs into the wall, allowing you to plug an AC-powered device into it. Then, using your existing WiFi and their Elphi cloud service while you're away from home, you can turn stuff on or off. Sounds simple, right? The neat part is that you can use geofencing and timers -- great for waking up and heating up your coffee machine, or turning on the lights as you arrive home. You can also share devices, allowing friends or family to control whatever you like.
Indeed, there are countless ways Elphi could greatly improve users' lifestyles. But as mentioned, the product is currently massively under-funded on Kickstarter. With just $33,838 (as of this writing) of its $90,000 funding goal, there's a big chance that the product isn't going to go into production. All you need to pledge in order to secure an Elphi of your own - provided the funding goal is met - is $89 or more, which isn't a huge amount. For more information on the product, including additional images and videos, head over to its Kickstarter webpage. And if you decide to pledge, let us know in the comments! Source: Kickstarter Via: TUAW

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