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MinoMonsters 2.0 Brings Pokemon-Like Evolution And Other Creature Features

MinoMonsters 2.0 Brings Pokemon-Like Evolution And Other Creature Features

June 21, 2012
The Pokemon-like iPhone game MinoMonsters has once again leveled up today. It may be about a fantasy world inhabited by cute, little monsters, but in reality, MinoMonsters is sort of a big deal. For some people, its reputation is rooted in the relative youth of its creator, an enterprising teenager who managed to obtain seed funding for his game concept. But for most, its significance lies in the fact that it's undeniably a well-thought-out and enjoyable game. And this game has just become even better, thanks to its 2.0 update. MinoMonsters 2.0 introduces the feature that players have been requesting ever since the game launched last December. And that feature is none other than evolution. Just like Pokemon, the monsters in MinoMonsters are now predisposed to evolve. But they don't get to do so until they reach level 30. A sample animation of an evolving monster can be seen on MinoMonsters' Facebook page. It's nice to finally see this feature come to MinoMonsters following a great deal of user feedback invariably asking for it. I can't help but think that players of the game are pretty much like the monsters themselves: neglect to give them what they want and they're liable to leave you. But come up with what they want and they'll like you even more. Aside from the evolution feature, another notable addition in MinoMonsters 2.0 is the ability to unlock rare monsters by connecting with friends online. The other improvements brought by the latest update to MinoMonsters are as follows:
  • New battle power-ups
  • New boss encounters
  • New Minos and Grublings
  • A brand new way to adventure and explore the world of MinoMonsters
  • Defeat boss Grublings for MinoCredits and chances at rare monsters!
  • Improved performance and bug fixes
MinoMonters 2.0 is available now in the App Store for free. Need help unlocking new monsters? Just comment with your friend code below so that other players can add you, visit your page, and unlock your monster crate.

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