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MotionX Sleep Gains PowerNap And Much More, Plus Another Special Giveaway

MotionX Sleep Gains PowerNap And Much More, Plus Another Special Giveaway

June 28, 2012
AppAdvice has once again teamed up with Fullpower-MotionX in order to offer you a chance to download MotionX Sleep for absolutely free to celebrate the release of v3.0. In this latest major update, Fullpower has added a couple of great new features and improved some of the previous ones. Starting off small, Fullpower has decided to make a tweak to the multi-day bar graphs for both sleep and step reports. The new representation bars make it easy to see all of the details, that is, time awake, time in light sleep, time in deep sleep, regular steps, and athletic steps. Moving along to much larger enhancements, MotionX Sleep v3.0 finally offers standard alarm customization. Offering per day selection as well as the possibility of multiple alarms, the new alarm configuration options are much more realistic for regular use, and likely satisfy a lot of customer requests. Going beyond improvements, one of the features introduced in v3.0 is PowerNap mode. Truly designed for those sleep complimenting "power naps," PowerNap mode wakes you after a certain duration instead of just a set time. Adjusted and initiated in the sleep recording area, PowerNap allows one to 60 minute sleep sessions and the option of a time specific alarm as backup. The second and final new feature is sound and music integration to help you fall asleep. Accessed via the music button in the top left of the sleep recording area, you can choose one of the 24 included ambient sounds or a song from your music library. By default, the sound or music fades out automatically once you've fallen asleep, but you can choose a specific duration. That's a wrap for the update, but you can learn about the other capabilities of MotionX Sleep by reading our original review. So, how can you get this wonderful app for free? Visit the MotionX Sleep free copy request page and submit the form with a valid email address. You’ll be sent one free promo code with instructions on how to redeem it. There are 100 codes available and they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Promo codes are only valid for use in the United States. Update: All codes have been claimed, however, you can still get a copy for just $0.99. MotionX Sleep is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or later. [gallery link="file"]

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