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TaskAgent Receives A Huge Update

TaskAgent Receives A Huge Update

June 1, 2012
We first reviewed TaskAgent, from Francisco Cantu, at the start of 2011. We were impressed by its simplicity and elegance. In order to keep up with the growing pack of task management apps now available in the App Store, TaskAgent has received yet another big update. If you have not used TaskAgent before, it is a task list manager that conveniently syncs with your Dropbox account. Version 2.2 of the app was released last week with some nice changes. TaskAgent now has a completely new interface for both the iPhone and iPad. The new UI is as clean and elegant as always. The syncing process has been completely rewritten, taking advantage of the most recent Dropbox API updates. The syncing process is now smoother and quicker than ever. The developer isn't stopping here. Version 2.3 of TaskAgent is already in the works. The new version will include ways of moving tasks to other lists and, according to the developer, "other surprises." There are now multitudes of task management apps available, but if you are looking for a simple and elegant app, you can't go wrong with TaskAgent. The fact that this app syncs with Dropbox, instead of iCloud, means you can edit your tasks with any text editor, and still have them available in the app. Have you tried TaskAgent? How do you think it stacks up compared to all of the other task management apps available?

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