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The Brilliant iStopMotion For iPad Has Received An Update: Many New Features Added

The Brilliant iStopMotion For iPad Has Received An Update: Many New Features Added

June 15, 2012
The popular iStopMotion for iPad ($9.99) - an iPad app that allows users to create great stop motion animations on Apple's tablet computer - has just received an update. Now, users of the app can take advantage of a new "Theater" section, a series of technical improvements, and a better way to share videos via email. As outlined in the app's release notes, changes made in version 1.4 of the application include:
  • New Theater section inside the app that provides a shortcut to clips other users have created with iStopMotion for iPad (and submitted to us).
  • New option to enable continuous exposure in addition to fixed exposure. This is especially useful for time lapse recordings.
  • New option to lock the camera white balance. Put something neutral in front of the camera, then set the button to 'Locked'.
  • Sharing a clip via Mail will now upload the exported movie to iCloud (when configured and available) and mail a link instead of attaching the huge file.
  • Smaller user interface improvements.
  • Images transferred from iStopMotion Remote Camera will now be compressed (losslessly) in order to speed up capturing and reduce network bandwidth.
  • Many under-the-hood changes for future features.
  • Several smaller and bigger bugs fixed.
The new in-app Theater really is a lot of fun. Here, users can spend hours viewing the creations of other iStopMotion fans - the Theater is powered by YouTube, and videos stream to and can be played within the application itself. In addition, the handful of improvements made to the recording aspect of the app are particularly useful, making it easier than ever to create effective stop motion videos using the application. Finally, the many "under-the-hood" changes and improvements mean iStopMotion for iPad runs much smoother than before. All in all, iStopMotion for iPad is a fun app made all the better thanks to this great update. If you already own the app, the update will be free to download - otherwise iStopMotion for iPad can be yours for $9.99.

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