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Weather 2x Is Even More Frequent Traveler Friendly

Weather 2x Is Even More Frequent Traveler Friendly

June 29, 2012
With its notably smaller storage footprint, simple to use interface, and beautiful backdrops, Weather 2x is doing well among Weather HD other apps that define the visually focused weather sub-category. Nevertheless, McLean Mobile realizes there are still improvements to be made, such as greater convenience for those who frequently travel. Like nearly every other weather app, Weather 2x has included an option to automatically determine your current location for easy addition to your bookmarked cities. However, travelers would need to add and later delete a bookmark every time they wanted weather details for a location not already bookmarked, or have dozens of bookmarked locations. To correct this clumsy issue, McLean released Weather 2x v1.4 with Local Weather. A dynamic bookmark, Local Weather provides quick and easy access to weather details and forecasts for your current location, whether it's already bookmarked or not. In addition, Weather 2x v1.4 also sets preferences based on your current location. Specifically, it would be the switch from Imperial to metric and vice versa. Weather 2x is a universal app compatible with iOS 5.0 or later, and available in the App Store for $1.99.

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