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Will Clear-Like Weather App Brisk Be A Breath Of Fresh Air?

Will Clear-Like Weather App Brisk Be A Breath Of Fresh Air?

June 2, 2012
Clear generated a lot of hype around the time of its release mainly for its minimalist take on the "getting things done" genre of apps. Using color gradients and clever gestures, the app provides a no-frills user experience unprecedented particularly in a to-do app. Undoubtedly, Clear has left its mark in the world of app design, and it's safe to assume that many apps will follow its example. In fact, one has already emerged as a possible successor. And its name is Brisk. A work in progress by TwoSolid Studio, Brisk is a weather app rather than a to-do app like Clear. Designer Eddie Lobanovskiy hasn't explicitly cited Clear as an inspiration for Brisk, but it's quite, well, clear that it is. Brisk is also minimalist, and it also makes use of gradients and gestures. It steers clear of skeuomorphic devices and gets rid of the clutter usually found in graphics-heavy weather apps. Brisk presents an info box containing the current temperature reading and a friendly weather icon against a color-graded background. The higher the temperature is, the higher the info box is on the screen. And the lower the temperature is, the lower it goes. This makes sense since the warmer colors (shades of orange) are found near the top while the cooler ones (shades of blue) are found near the bottom. As for the gestures, Lobanovskiy has provided the following actions supported in Brisk:
  • Swipe down reveals location panel
  • Swipe up settings (with ability to choose, what's hotº and coldº for you)
  • Tap current weather status to get details
  • Swipe current weather left to get five-day forecast
Brisk is still under development, but it should be ready for launch in the coming weeks. If you want to be notified as soon as it's available for download in the App Store, you may subscribe to TwoSolid's Brisk mailing list here. Sources: Brisk, Dribbble Via: Co.Design

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