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Words With Friends HD 5.0 Brings Retina Display Support, Landscape Mode And More

Words With Friends HD 5.0 Brings Retina Display Support, Landscape Mode And More

June 26, 2012
Words With Friends HD has been updated to version 5.0. Yet another step in the development of the Zynga-owned game, this seems to suggest that Words With Friends HD has finally taken its HD designation seriously. Words With Friends HD is, of course, the iPad version of Words With Friends for iPhone. Both versions are practically the same Scrabble-like game, except that Words With Friends HD is optimized for the iPad's larger screen. The latest update to Words With Friends HD serves to further optimize it for Apple's bestselling tablet. For starters, the game now works in landscape mode. About time, right? Know what else is long-overdue? Support for Retina display on the third-generation iPad. Good thing it's now also built into Words With Friends HD 5.0. Another interface enhancement brought by the update is the new sidebar menu. It contains links to the in-game store, settings, and help section. It's not at all obtrusive to your word-weaving ways since it slides out of view once you enter a game. But that's only in portrait mode. Apparently, it happens to be persistent in landscape mode, resulting in a much smaller board and more cumbersome gameplay. The update also boasts — excitedly at that, as evidenced by the exclamation points — the following minor improvements:
  • Enhanced app security!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations!
Words With Friends HD is available in the App Store for $2.99, while its non-HD counterpart is currently on sale at two dollars less. Download Words With Friends HD on your iPad and start playing it in its full HD G-L-O-R-Y. Just make sure you don't get booted out of a plane on account of your A-D-D-I-C-T-I-O-N to it.

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