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Add High Dynamic Range Image Capture To Your iPad With The Latest Version Of TrueHDR

Add High Dynamic Range Image Capture To Your iPad With The Latest Version Of TrueHDR

July 26, 2012
From the beginning, we thought highly of TrueHDR. However, we still appreciated the new abilities that have surfaced since then, such as the added effects and adjustments of v2.3 in September 2011. Now, we have another significant update to share, and that's the recent release of v2.5. So, what does TrueHDR offer that previous versions don't? Just a little thing called native iPad compatibility. Well, it is actually quite significant because there aren't a lot of camera apps made for the iPad that have HDR functionality, including Apple's own Camera app, much less HDR focused apps. Therefore, TrueHDR v2.5 is one of the few means of capturing moments using your second or third generation iPad that provides color correction via HDR technology. Of course, the iPad experience contains all of the capabilities you've enjoyed while using TrueHDR on your iPhone, and here they are as listed by Pictional:
  • Easy, fully-automatic HDR capture with AutoCapture mode
  • Greater control over exposure points with SemiAuto capture mode and Manual mode
  • Capable of handling up to 16 mega-pixel photos (e.g., photos imported from other cameras) on iPhone 4S/4, iPad 2, & new iPad
  • Uses state-of-the-art techniques to automatically align and merge photos
  • Custom sliders and effect controls - easily make adjustments to the merged HDR photos to get the final image just the way you prefer
  • Choice of Natural or Enhanced modes, with Natural for the most realistic look and Enhanced for slightly more vivid colors and contrast - pick the look you like
  • Automatically saves original images for use with desktop HDR programs if desired
  • Full support for front and back facing camera
  • Supports geo-tagging
  • Convenient sharing features (Facebook, Twitter, email, PhotoAppLink)
  As always, current TrueHDR owners can download the new version for free. Otherwise, TrueHDR is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 4.1 or later, and available in the App Store for $1.99. [gallery link="file"]

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