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AppAdvice Game Of The Week For July 23, 2012

Every week, our staff will handpick a game from the past seven days that we believe is a must-download for your iPhone or iPad. These games will always be from a wide variety of genres, but they are chosen because our own staff members love it and can’t quite put it down. So here are this week’s picks! Enjoy, and happy gaming!

Fieldrunners 2

[caption id="attachment_322517" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The best tower defense game is back for round two and is our Game of the Week![/caption]

That’s right, the long awaited sequel to the best tower defense game from 2008 is finally here, and boy, is it great. It may have taken four years, but the final result is an excellent game that is worthy of being on every iPhone, regardless if you like tower defense games or not.

The graphics are optimized for your Retina iPhones, so you can be sure that they look great. There are 20 gorgeous looking levels in four different types of environments, so you’ll have your jaw dropping in awe.

Just like the original game, players are given an open field design that allows them to direct enemies through a maze of deadly towers, with some additional obstacles to deal with, such as tunnels, trenches, and bridges.

Controls are simple and intuitive, requiring only taps to select towers, place them, and upgrade them. As you mow down your enemies, you will earn cash to build more towers or reinforce your current units. New towers, enemies, and modes (e.g., sudden death) will be introduced as you progress through the game.

What makes Fieldrunners 2 particularly great? The fact that the enemy AI is actually intelligent. That’s right — they will strategically come in on the screen, and it’s up to you to figure out the best way to stop them from reaching your base. Enemies are aware of what you have out, and are aware of themselves, so they actually react. More tower defense games should be like this. There are even elite enemies, which will present a new challenge and require carefully planned strategies to defeat.

Coins can be collected to purchase special items that can be used to help with tougher enemies, or just emergency resorts. These coins are earned in games, and surprisingly, you are unable to purchase them via in-app purchases (more games should be like this).

This is a great followup to one of the legendary tower defense games on iOS, and it certainly has been keeping all of our staff busy! If you haven’t tried it out yet for yourself, make sure you do that now.

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Honorable Mention

Great Big War Game

[caption id="attachment_322518" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Be a brilliant strategist as you plan your way to victory in Great Big War Game.[/caption]

Our honorable mention this week goes out to another sequel, this time for Great Little War Game, which was a fun turn-based strategy game that had an in-depth single player campaign and comical art style.

With Great Big War Game, you will get even more in-depth single player mode, but with the addition of local and online multiplayer. Gameplay consists of two armies who are pitted against each other across various campaigns. The goal is to destroy the opposing team and complete different objectives, such as protecting your headquarters or taking out the opponent’s general.

Since this is a turn-based strategy, you will have time to think out your plan and manage your army units. Gams can be slow, but that’s all part of the territory. The computer opponents even have intelligent AI of their own, and games can take more than an hour to complete. Graphics are extremely well done and even small details of terrain will affect gameplay.

Multiplayer mode is the biggest reason to play the game, though it can take days, so it’s best to play with a friend.

If you’re into turn-based or strategy games, then you will want to give Great Big War Game a spin.

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AppAdvice Game Of The Week For July 23, 2012

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For July 23, 2012