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AppFresh Daily: Spy vs Spy, PIXEL'D, MANOS, Conquist 2 Pocket, Flock And More

AppFresh Daily features the best apps we’ve noticed that have been released in the last 24 hours. Thousands of apps get approved by Apple daily. Instead of having to dig through all of the junk, come to AppFresh Daily, where we hand select what we think are the new potential gems that we’re considering for review each day.


Flock - Photos Together (Free, 6.9 MB): Flock finds photos you take with family and friends, and then creates a shared album for everyone to view. The app allows you to choose which photos you want to contribute to the album. The app sends you a notification when the shared album has been created. Flock uses Facebook to identify your friends for the photos.

Conquist 2 Pocket ($0.99, 21.5 MB): Conquist 2 is a different take on the classic world domination game, RISK. The objective of the game is to strategically take over the world map, piece by piece, before your opponents do. Counquist 2 Pocket offers four different game modes for you to play set across eight unique maps. There is also a cross-platform multiplayer mode where you can play with people on a Mac as well as iOS.

Car Toons! ($0.99, 34.5 MB): Car Toons! is a casual arcade game where you must guide vehicles to their destination. Tap a vehicle to make it accelerate forward, then tap again to make it stop at its destination. There will be levels where several vehicles will have to be controlled at the same time to make them reach their destination. The game offers 100 unique levels and three different characters to control.


PIXEL'D (Free, 17.8 MB): This app from Disney allows you to create 8-bit pixel art on your iDevice. You can choose to draw your own images or select one of Disney's stamps. The app also allows you to create frame-by-frame animations which you can export to your camera roll. You can also draw pictures with a friend over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

MANOS - The Hands of Fate ($1.99, 17.0 MB): MANOS aims to reinvent classic retro games on iOS. The story is set in a haunted lodge where you happen to lose your family. Armed with your revolver you must battle all of the strange creatures that lurk in the area and save your family. There are only four buttons for you to press, one each to navigate left or right and the other two to attack and jump. MANOS promises to provide an authentic retro experience.

Flick Champions World Edition ($0.99, 80.5 MB): In this game you must participate in several sporting events and obtain a gold medal. The game features events like running, volleyball, handball, kayaking, and more. Flick Champions World Edition also gives you a daily challenge which you have to complete every day. You can play as your nation and customize your equipment in the game as well.

BLAZING STAR ($2.99, 52.6 MB): Blazing Star is a port of the classic NEOGEO game for iOS. The objective of the game is to guide a spaceship through several stages and survive while earning a high score. The game also features a new mode which allows you to select missions individually. You can also play a cooperative mission with friends via Bluetooth.

Walking Dead: The Game ($4.99, 329.1 MB): The award winning Walking Dead game series comes to iOS. You play as Lee Everett, a man who must survive an undead onslaught. Walking Dead is a point-and-click game where you must make quick decisions in order to progress. The game features five episodes for you to complete.

Shooting Showdown (Free, 46.7 MB): Shooting Showdown is a virtual shooting range game for iOS. The game offers gyroscope controls to provide more accuracy when aiming. You can also compete with people online via Game Center. The game also features a practice mode so that you can hone your skills. The more you play the game, the more guns you will unlock.

Epic Raiders (Free, 56.2 MB): Epic Raiders is an RPG game where you must battle monsters and warlords to rescue the princess. The game allows you to customize your characters with a wide variety of weapons, costumes, and armor. You can battle players online and watch the match as it happens live. The game features great graphics and a special "Dungeon Mode" where you can look for new items.

Hopping Herbert (Free, 28.3 MB): Hopping Herbert is a platformer where you must escape from a mad scientist's laboratory. However, it is not going to be easy. There are many obstacles and foes that you must avoid. The game features unique and challenging environments as well as great graphics.

SolaRola ($0.99, 35.0 MB): Bounce around planets, avoid obstacles, and battle enemies in this award winning puzzle platformer. The game offers touch and tilt-based controls to navigate your character. There are several challenging levels in this game set across multiple planets.

Spy vs Spy ($1.99, 43.0 MB): The hit Commodore 64 game has been revived on iOS. Defeat the opposing spy by setting elaborate traps across several maps. There are 16 new embassies to play as well as the original eight. The game offers both an online and local multiplayer mode as well. You can choose to play with modern graphics or retro ones too.

Shellrazer ($2.99, 30.6 MB): In Shellrazer you control a giant turtle and must build towers on its shell to battle evil goblins and survive. There are over 30 unique foes in this game, and more than 50 levels to play. You can customize your turtle with 30 different items as well

ORC: Vengeance ($2.99, 481.7 MB): This is an RPG adventure game with incredible graphics. You play as an Orc war chief who must defeat the Dark Lord to restore the balance of your world, Argon. The game offers console quality visuals and great controls. There are also boss battles and your game save is synced across your devices using iCloud.

Worm vs Birds ($0.99, 47.0 MB): Worms vs Birds is an Angry Birds-style clone for iOS. You play as a worm who wants his revenge after the birds ate his buddies. You must attempt to get all the birds with one shot for the highest score. There are 60 challenging levels in this game as well as two completely unique game modes.


Showboat ($1.99, 11.7 MB): Showboat allows you to create beautiful photo albums from pictures in your camera roll or on Instagram, Flickr, and Dropbox. You can choose five different page layouts as well. The app lets you create a landscape or portrait photo album. You can also view a slideshow of all your photos.

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AppFresh Daily: Spy vs Spy, PIXEL'D, MANOS, Conquist 2 Pocket, Flock And More

AppFresh Daily: Spy vs Spy, PIXEL'D, MANOS, Conquist 2 Pocket, Flock And More