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Daily Income's First Ever Update Makes Perfect Cents

Daily Income's First Ever Update Makes Perfect Cents

July 27, 2012
Released early last week, Daily Income already received its first ever update today. Daily Income is a finance app that helps you easily keep a digital record of your, as its name suggests, everyday earnings. While it may not be useful to regular employees and other people with fixed salaries, Daily Income stands to benefit self-employed individuals and freelancers like me. I myself have been using it since its launch and finding it quite helpful indeed. But I do have a major complaint about it, something that my colleague Lory shares:
Even though I like how simple it is to use, I wish the user had a little more control over entries. For example, if I forget to enter my income one day, I can’t adjust the date. This can be frustrating for busy sellers and self-employed workers who just don’t have the time to enter monies every day. I’d like to see this added in a future update.
If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. That much-anticipated update has arrived: Daily Income 1.1 finally allows changing the date. When inputting an income, just tap the "Date" button and select your desired date setting. Another date-related change brought about by the update is the replacement of the "Daily Income" label above the income view with the name of the current month. Daily Income 1.1 also includes the following changes:
  • added detail view of past months in "Monthly Report"
  • added detail view of past years in "Annual Report"
  • decimal places - fixed bug that occurred on some devices
  • various small bug fixes
Daily Income is available in the App Store for $1.99. It is currently optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Now, I'd like to see the iPad version in a future update.

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