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Facebook Testing Out New Fan Page Interface For Mobile Web?

Facebook Testing Out New Fan Page Interface For Mobile Web?

July 12, 2012
Facebook's iOS app is notorious for placing restrictions on things that should have been included in the first place. For example, if you are the administrator of a fan page, you can't even preview a link before you post it to see if it's showing up correctly. However, earlier this morning, I was about to manage my fan page when I noticed a different user interface. It was a lot like the interface for your personal Facebook profile. It was possible to change the cover photo and post using the same interface used to post your own personal status updates. Best of all, I could preview links before posting them, tag people, and even post photos in a set. The interface also allowed me to view my page insights in more detail as well. However, the bad news is, that interface is now gone. I suspect they were testing it out on their Web interface, since they can tweak that anytime without issuing an app update. Yet, Facebook recently did announce they were going to ditch the HTML interface for a native Objective-C one. Even the Facebook Pages Manager app does not allow you to post to your fan pages as well as this interface did. Here's hoping the interface comes back soon, or is implemented in the near future as an update.

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