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First Came Siri, Now Say Hello To Saga

First Came Siri, Now Say Hello To Saga

July 31, 2012
We’ve spoken at length about Siri’s many problems and upcoming improvements. However, if you’ve decided that Apple’s voice recognition service is beyond fixing, you might want to consider Saga, a third-party lifestyle app making its debut in the App Store. Created by Seattle-based A.R.O., the free app isn’t so much a replacement for Siri, but a new tool that learns about your past experiences and then suggests future adventures. For example, each time you go to the local movie theater, Saga will use this location-based information to make future recommendations on what you could be doing right now. The result is an app that looks like a cross between Siri and perhaps foursquare. Features include:
  • Automatically record where you've gone and how you got there -- all without you having to check-in.
  • Learn more about your daily routine, commuting patterns, and personal habits.
  • Find out what's nearby -- and when there's something going on that you should pay attention to.
  • Get great personalized recommendations, based on what's hot -- and what you're normally down for.
  • Discover more about the world around you, including the top places, events, and activities in your area.
  • Keep track of how you've spent your time with insightful infographics and interesting factoids.
  • Measure the quality of your week with Saga's Experience Points (XP). Saga awards XP for each awesome thing you do, whether you're out having an exciting night out on the town or spending a lazy weekend at home.
  • Share your discoveries with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare.
Saga looks quite interesting and is currently in beta. To request your own invitation, download the app and follow the steps. You can also request an invitation by visiting the Saga website. Once we have a chance to play with Saga, we'll let you know what we think.  

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