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Flock, Fave And Sonic Your Photos With The Hottest Apps Of The Week

Flock, Fave And Sonic Your Photos With The Hottest Apps Of The Week

July 30, 2012
Today we're showing off the official AppAdvice App of the Week, but what about all the runner ups? Don't worry we're featuring those too. That's right, we've rounded up some of the hottest new apps that you don't want to miss this week. Flock your photos, fave your images, create narrated slideshows, and more. Flock Photos: Have you ever been to an event with lots of your friends, everyone takes a ton of photos, only for you all to go home and never see any of those photos again. Sure, everyone says they'll send you all the awesome photos they took of you, but it never happens! In comes Flock Photos, you may have seen this one in our AppFresh Daily post, but here's how it works. Flock lets you find your friends through Facebook who are also using the app, then when you're at the same location, the app will automatically know and create an album within the app, that you can then share, comment, or like. It's pretty awesome. imgfave: How about an app that has nothing to do with uploading? That's where imgfave comes in. It's a new app, but it's not a new service. The app is all about finding photos you love, creating collections, commenting, and sharing. Not to mention, they have a cute icon. SonicPics: Our sponsor this week, SonicPics, will let you create amazing narrated slide shows that you can then save and share. The sound quality is great, and really gives your pictures a life of their own. It's way more interesting for the viewer when they know the context behind each photo. SonicPics is usually $2.99, but today you can win it for free, watch the show to find out how. App of the Week: Solar Weather We love our weather apps here at AppAdvice, and Solar Weather has stolen our hearts, because it's so darn sexy. It has everything a weather app should. Clean graphics, the current weather, a three day forecast, and its prime feature, a 24 hour forecast with just a swipe. Check out Solar on today's show, and see why the AppAdvice staff chose it as App of the Week.

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