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Get The Most Out Of That Mountain Lion With Hello Tips, Tricks And Secrets

Get The Most Out Of That Mountain Lion With Hello Tips, Tricks And Secrets

July 25, 2012
Apple has released OS X Mountain Lion, and you've likely been trying to find time to become familiar with the new cat's capabilities. You can use that time discovering the new features by clicking on each unrecognized icon or expedite the introduction process through the help of Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets by It's About Time. Part of the company's new "Hello" teaching series, Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets for OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion provides highlights of more than 100 features of Apple's desktop operating system. The tips and tricks database comprises everything from a folder renaming shortcut in Finder to Twitter and other integrated sharing options. Focusing on the frequently used features, these "tip" style lessons have an average involvement of about 20 seconds. Each mini-lesson contains brief written instructions and explanations, including visual key combo assistance, as well as a short demonstration video that automatically replays. It's an experience that may be short, but is certainly effective. The navigation of Hello Tips is just as efficient as the mini-lessons. There are Back and Next buttons to navigate in a lesson-by-lesson fashion, or jump to a specific app or feature by clicking on the associated icon at the bottom. In addition, tips and tricks specific to Mountain Lion are spotlighted with a green "New" flap in the top-right corner. Sounds really handy and painless, right? If you're still skeptical, try it first by downloading a free copy of Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets Lite. As a reminder, It's About Time offers full-length basic and advanced OS X lessons in Hello Tutorials for Mac Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets is compatible with an Apple computer running OS X 10.6 or later, and available in the Mac App Store for $1.99. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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