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Ka-Boom! An iPhone Explodes In A Guy's Pocket

Ka-Boom! An iPhone Explodes In A Guy's Pocket

July 5, 2012
Your iPhone can do many things, but exploding in your pant pockets shouldn’t be one of them. Unfortunately, that appears to be what happened for one iPhone owner, according to Finnish site Kauppalehti. According to the report, 17-year-old Henri Helminen’s 3-month-old iPhone exploded into a cloud of smoke as this video shows.

Although there is no way to confirm the authenticity of this video, it wouldn’t be the first time an iPhone malfunctioned. In 2011, an iPhone 4 self-combusted on an Australian flight. Also last year, a man reported that his iPhone 4 blew up while his wife was holding it. In addition, Apple replaced first generation iPod nanos because of overheating batteries. Our advice: If your iDevice gets too hot, turn it off and let it cool. If the problem continues, visit an Apple retail store and ask for a replacement. Source: Kauppalehti Via: CNET

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