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Kickstarter: FLASHr - Never Miss A Notification Again

Kickstarter: FLASHr - Never Miss A Notification Again

July 27, 2012
A new Kickstarter project called FLASHr promises to that you'll never miss a notification while your iPhone is stuck in silent mode, according to 9to5Mac. From iOS 5 onwards, iDevice owners have the option of configuring an LED flash notification alert on their smartphone. Once enabled, the flash-LED on the back of the iPhone will light-up when users receive a message, email or other notification. It's a handy feature to have, but somewhat useless since most people place their iPhone face-up, rather than face-down, on a table or desk. However, once an iPhone is housed within the FLASHr case, this LED light becomes magnified and glows brightly in a number of different colors. As the designer of the case notes on its Kickstart project page:
FLASHr is an iPhone4/4s case that is powered by the iPhone's LED camera flash, and iOS's built in "LED Flash Alerts". When you turn on "LED Flash Alerts" in your Accessibility settings, your iPhone's LED camera flash lights up for calls, texts, emails, and for all Push Notifications (Twitter, Facebook, Games, or any app with Push Notification settings).  FLASHr insures your notifications are seen in vivid color from any orientation and in any situation.  For us, this design isn't just about functionality, but it's also about a case that's just fun to roll with.
Provided FLASHr reaches its funding goal of $75,000, Kickstarter users can effectively preorder one of the cases for $35 (since the "early bird" $30 special is now sold out). There are also a number of different, higher priced options, which potential backers might be interested in. For more information, be sure to take a look at FLASHr's Kickstarter project page, and let us know if you decide to back this product. Via: 9to5Mac Source: Kickstarter

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