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Megatroid Will Add A Little Random To Your Life

Megatroid Will Add A Little Random To Your Life

July 24, 2012
A new game trailer has been released from Swedish developer Triolith Entertainment, creators of Wisp: Eira's Tale. The upcoming iOS release entitled Megatroid is a platforming game with a twist. This action-packed game randomly generates levels based on text entered before the level starts. You can enter a word or a random string of characters and the game will generate a custom level. You can also share the text combination with a friend to generate the same level on another device. What’s great is that the random element ensures nearly endless levels. As noted by TouchArcade, Megatroid also has a story line embedded:
You play as a lone space heroine named Hali fighting an expansive evil empire called the Imperium. You get hold of a teleportation-like device that can instantly send you to any of the Imperium’s vast network of space stations by typing in any address, and you embark on a mission to bring the empire down by taking the space stations out one by one.
Megatroid seems to take inspiration from Mega Man and is packed with guns, intense battles, and the occasional boss fight. It will include upgradable weapons, armor, and other items you can acquire throughout the game. Check out the trailer here, or watch the video below. The trailer looks great and I'm excited to check it out. Megatroid should be available soon, but Triolith Entertainment is currently waiting on Apple to approve a game patch before its release. Check out Triolith’s YouTube channel for some interesting developer videos that break down some of the game's great features. Source: Triolith Entertainment Via: TouchArcade

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